Yosi Paikin


Yosi Paikin is a leading lecturer and practitioner in Israel. Runs busy private clinic. He uses and specializes in the following practices:

Auricular medicine in Chinese, German and French methods, including Dr. Nogier's 4 phases, filters and colors. He works with nearly 900 acupuncture points in auricular therapy and medicine. Yosi Paikin specializes in low-level laser and led light ear acupuncture. He is a member German Laser Academy. He has done over 600 hours in professional training courses in theoretical auricular therapy in, Recklinghausen in Germany, Zurich, Switzerland and Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, the USA. He has taken courses with instructors who worked in drug rehabilitation centers around the world.

Yosi Paikin also specializes in Japanese style acupuncture and functional medicine.

He studied naturopathic medicine for 5 years and specialized in food supplements, orthomolecular medicine, and western healing herbs. also He specializes in my therapy and treatment with medicinal seaweeds. He is one of the few therapists in Israel who has been practicing laser acupuncture using advanced laser equipment for the past 17 years. He participates in annual professional training courses in Germany, Switzerland, and France to perfect the use of cold laser therapy methods in the treatment of various pathologies.


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