Jonathan Ronen


jonathan Ronen, Practitioner, Chinese and Japanese medicine therapist, western and Chinese certified herbalist. The owner of  "Geffen Center" for Integrative Endocrinology Medicine in israel, which specializes in endocrine treatments of the thyroid gland and hormonal balance in all stages of life through acupuncture and plants. Jonathan has an official certificate from the Department of Endocrinology at the Hangzhou Provincial Hospital of TCM,. Clinic website:

"After studying in Broshim Campus in Israel, I flew to China to specialize in endocrinology, and today I apply knowledge that combines  "ancient - modern" herbal treatments to the hormonal balancing of the endocrine system in order to improve the quality of life of many patients suffering from imbalance of this system

Upcoming Lectures in the ICCM congress 2019 

Past Lectures with the ICCM:

ICCM Congress #7, 2016


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