Wisdom and Bliss: Nourishing the marrow by an integrated Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic approach

Wisdom and Bliss: Nourishing the marrow by an integrated Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic approach

The bone marrow (Sui-髓) in Chinese medicine is an extraordinary organ, a manifestation of the Kidney essence that has a strong connection to the health of the bones and brain. Even though the marrow is considered extremely important in maintaining a long and fulfilling life, there are only a few references in Chinese medical literature to the proper methods of diagnosis and nourishment of the marrow through diet and herbs. Therefore, the treatment of marrow is usually appended to the usual Jing tonifying technics.

Nevertheless, in Ayurvedic medicine, the marrow has a much more prominent role, and it is referenced in the highly clinical Seven Tissues Model (Dhatus). This model describes the lifelong process of bringing the human body and mental facilities into maturation and completeness through a life of balanced action and indulgence.

The lecture will offer new ways of diagnosing the four qualities of bone marrow, the different interactions between the bone marrow and the digestive fire, and treatment modalities such as clearing or nourishing the bone marrow.

The study of Ayurvedic knowledge will enrich the understanding and practice of Chinese medicine practitioners. This knowledge will provide better tools for achieving a refined differential diagnosis and new treatment options of the brain and bone marrow diseases such as brain and bone marrow malignancies, mental illnesses, Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS), osteoporosis and degenerative brain diseases. The lecture will also broaden the clinical tools available for the treatment of the marrow in terms of herbs, food items and preparations that have a greater affinity to the marrow.

Following the footsteps of prominent Chinese medicine doctors such as Sun simiao who didn't hesitate to be inspired by the Indian Medicine of their times, the audience will have the opportunity to benefit from a fresh and useful way of understanding the concept of Jing. This approach strives for a healthy bone marrow manifested with enhances fulfilment and creativity and a life of wisdom and bliss.

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