Treating Insomnia with TCM By Tal Belo

טל תמונה


Treating Insomnia with TCM according to two formulas

Taken from Jisheng Fang/ Tal Belo M.A.O.M

The book Jisheng Fang - Formulas for acquiring good health was written in 1253 by the important doctor of the Song dynasty Yan Yonghe. In its 79 chapters the book deals with Internal medicine, Gynecology, External diseases and Pediatrics.

I love sleeping. I fall asleep quickly and I am a sound sleeper.

I respect people who know how to sleep, those that do not haste during the day.

Nations that cherish short sleep during the day are my favourite kind of nations.

I make it a point to choose my friends after scrutinizing their sleep experiences.

Full moon dream visions will forever be more profound and tangible for me then any vein, hypocritical masked visions arising from the day light.

Sleep for me is not a transit station between one awareness state to another. Sleep for me is the purpose. A source for growth and development.

The best words I wrote were chosen while a sleep. My most intricate concealed dreams were fulfilled during eye movement. My most desperate prayers were heard while sleeping.

I try to begin my mornings with my eyes wide shut. Very slowly I drift from one dream to the other, between lips movement to breath, between the sound of the extending pillow and the wrinkled sound deriving from detaching the covers from the naked body.

Wherever I travelled, wherever I went, in this continent or other, in this time or not, all my experiences were the result of a sound sleep. I can tell you about hours of gloriously sleeping on the spanish steps in Rome, about a fragrant sleep in the Changdu market, about a lovers sleep in Paris and a sad sleep in South Lebanon. Places and eras will forever be defined for me as hard bad or a soft one, a pillow, a thick or light covers - all will be as significant to my life as car tires, cell phone ringing or the radio anchor reprimanding a state spokesman.

Sleep purifies me. Makes me a pleasant person at best and a sufferable one more often. My widest smile is when I wake up, While I indulge in mattress and memory.

Insomnia is defined as a difficulty to fall asleep or remain sleeping or sleep disorder as a result of sleep deprivation.

  • About 10% of the population suffers from chronic insomnia and about 50% of the population will suffer from Insomnia for a substantial period of time in their life.
  • Women complain of Insomnia twice as much as men do.


According to Chinese Medicine sleep is an natural organic part of life. Much like the cosmos: The day can be devided into Yang (day time when the sun is active) and YIn (night time when the sun is not active). People should live with accordance to nature: be awake during the daytime and sleep during the night time.


Sleep with accordance to the seasons:

  1. During the 3 months of Spring - one should go to sleep late and wake up late.
  2. During the 3 months of Summer - one should go to sleep late and wake up early and should not fear the Sun.
  3. During the 3 months of Autom - one should go to sleep early and wake up early (with the chicken).
  4. During the 3 months of Winter - one should go to sleep early and wake up late (wait for sunrise).

A well balanced Shen can be defined by:

  1. Healthy sleep - one can fall asleep easily, enjoys a sound and good sleep, undisturbed sleep, and wakes up invigorated and full of renowned energy.
  2. Healthy balanced nutrition - one eats and enjoys the abundance nature provides, does not avoid specific foods, internal parts or different color groups. Enjoys eating.
  3. Minimal movement: Clear and calm mind, adapts a consistent natural movement like Qi cong, Yoga, takes hikes in nature, swimming in the sea or river, and avoids dangerous sports that might cause injury or threat.

When the Shen is balanced the mind is calm, the senses are lucid and the body is at ease. One begins its day and ends it on time, eats and moves according to the seasons, open and closes his eyes on time.

Common formulas:

Excess pattern: Liver and Heart Fire

Symptoms: Insomnia with feeling of heaviness in the head, restlessness, troubling dreams, pressure and swallow in the chest area, anxiety, bitter taste in the mouth, dizziness.

T: red with yellow rubbery coating.

P: slippery and rapid.

A Formula from the Ji Sheng Fang book by Yan Shi:

Dao Tan Tang (Phlegm abducting dec.)

Dan Nan Xing 9g

Ban Xia 6g

Chen Pi 6g

Fu Ling/Shen 6g

Zhi Shi 6g

Gan Cao 4g


Shi Chang Pu 12g

Yuan Zhi 12 g

Deficiency pattern: Spleen and Heart Qi Def

Symptoms: Insomnia with massive dreaming, light sleep (either wake up very easily or can not fall asleep), pale face, dizziness and poor memory.

T: Pale with thin coating

P: thready and weak

This pattern is typical to people who overthink like students and people with dominant earth type.

A Formula from the Ji Sheng Fang book by Yan Shi ( one of Yan’s life saving formulas) with addition of other herbs:

Gui Pi Tang (Spleen returning dec.)

Huang Qi 9g

Ren Shen 6g

Bai Zhu 9 g

Fu Ling 6g

Gan Cao 6g

Long yan Rou 9g

Suan Zao Ren 12g

Yuan Zhi 9g

Mu Xiang 6g

Dang Gui 9g


Sheng Jiang 4g

Da Zao 6g

Mu Li 9g

Long Gu 9g


* Translated by Roni Kalir

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