Treat the mother to treat the child

The post-partum period is extremely important for the wellbeing of both mother and child. In this presentation, we will delve into a deep understanding of this complex yet marvelous time and understand the connection between post-partum and babies health as seen through an analysis of breastfeeding and infant digestive disorders.

The workshop wil focus on both child and mother and the special conecction in the post partum period.

Points of discussion:

The 3 illnesses and 3 exams as an indication of post-partum wellbeing

The 2 most basic constitutions in a newborn and the manifestations in the connection with the mother and the ability to create PostHeaven Qi.

The Ren Mai  as an expression of bonding and as a general expression of digestion – how is this related to breastfeeding?

Special physiology of the newborn, the Tai Yin and the connection to the Ren Mai.

Physiology of healthy breast-feeding and healthy, nourishing breastmilk and other pathologies related to breast feeding

The concept of post partum blood stagnation and its effect on breast milk

Appling an accurate and safe  treatment to a young child with gentle Meridians  


  • Sharon Weizenbaum GMP

  • 8 extra meridian seminar, Jeffrey Yuen

  • Path of pregnancy volume 2 , Bob Flaws

  • המדריך הקליני לגניקולוגיה סינית מסורתית, קרן סלע, יעל ססלוב, תגר בנימין, נדב שרייבום

  • Acupuncture in the Treatment of Children by Julian Scott, Teresa Barlow

  • Herb in the treatment of children, Leading a child to health by Julian Scott, Teresa Barlow

  • Reading the body- Ohashi with Monte

  • Japanese Classical Acupuncture: Introduction to Meridian Therapy 1st Edition by Shudo Denmei

  • Venerating The Root by Sabine Wilms  (Translator)

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