Travel During Cancer’ through 5 Elements

Speaker: Merav Sever

Abstract: Any aspect of our life is disintegrating, and then starts from the beginning, in an pentagonal circle.

Any process contains an unceasing transformation from one element to another – an illness is such a process.

An illness such as Cancer is a complete array of processes of the body and soul. In these processes, the body and soul are going through disintegration and assembly at each moment. The only law that must be kept is the "Law of unceasing flow".

This is my story, after many years of treating oncological patients, coping them and the Cancer illness. How a therapist turns to be a patient of the same illness. One way travel – towards a new start.


Targets of the workshop:

  1. The participant will understand an illness process through 5 elements.
  2. The participant will understand the ways of theoretical coping with the Cancer illness.
  3. The participant will understand the emotional processes that are involved in Cancer illness.
  4. The participant will understand some other methods for treating Cancer illness.

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