The Taiyin and Yangming System: Physiology, Palpation and Pathology

Speaker: Dr. Rodrigo Aranda, M.D, MSc Chinese Medicine, L.Ac.

Language: English

Field: Acupuncture, Diagnostics, Classics / Philosophy, Practice

This Lecture is suitable for Advanced

The Taiyin and Yangming Systems of Channels and Organs are probably the most directly connected systems in Chinese Medicine, specially through the intimate relationship between the Spleen and Stomach. Also they are one of the most relevant aspects of life since nutrition and oxygenation comes from them. In this workshop you will learn in detail how Taiyin and Yangming work in Physiology. Students will also learn hands on how to locate and palpate this channels and what to expect to find on a patient when these channels are diseased. We will also discuss treatment strategies and point combinations illustrated by clinical cases. There will be detailed discussion on important point categories and point locations acording to Dr. Wang Ju-Yi’s understanding of points.

link pdf here
Learning Objectives:

Participant will learn the physiology of Taiyin and Yangming and their importance in the Six Level System
Particinpants will learn Palpation techniques to examine these channels
Participants will understand pathological findings in Channel Palpation
Participants will understand how to integrate channel findings and channel physiology in clinical practice
Participants will learn how to palpate and locate points acording to Dr. Wang Ju-Yi

Applied Channel Theory by Dr. Wang Ju-Yi and Jason Robertson
Clinical cases from the practice of Dr. Wang Ju-Yi

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