The Relationship Between Shang Han Lun, Neijing and Tang Ye Jing: Space Time Motion for Herbal Medicine

Speaker: Sharon Weizenbaum

Language: English

Field: Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Classics / Philosophy, Practice

This Lecture is suitable for All levels

In this 6 hour lecture, as a follow up to the 3 hour lecture we will go deeper into Shang Han Lun treatment and now integrate Yi Yin's Tang Ye Jing as a link between the Neijing and the Shang Han Lun. How does Yi Yin's Tang Ye Jing offer the connection between these texts? The Tang Ye Jing gives us herbal formulas, that Zhang Zhong-Jing reorganized in the Shang Han Lun. These formulas are organized according to the constellations, sun, moon and planets. How does this understanding vastly improve clinical outcomes in Chinese herbology? These are the questions that will be answered in this lecture. Clinical case studies from Sharon's practice will be offered as examples of these concepts in action.

link pdf here

Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will understand the relationship of cosmology to health and healing
  2. Students will be given tools for utilizing classic formulas with more accuracy
  3. Students will understand the relationship between the Neijing, Tang Ye Jing and Shang Han Lun


  1. The Complete Stems and Branches by Roisin Golding
  2. Huang Di Neijing Su Wen, Vol. 1 and 2, by Unschuld
  3. Huang Di Neijing, Ling Shu, by Unschuld
  4. Discussion of Cold Damage by Guo Hui Liu

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