The Melancholic Shen – TCM Diagnosis and Herbal Treatment of Depression

Speaker: Oshri Zisman, Dipl. CM (I.A.TCM)

Language: English

Field: Herbal Therapy, Diagnostics, Practice

This Lecture is suitable for all levels

How do you mend a broken heart?

How do you brighten a dull and gloomy state of mind?

How can we restore joy to the melancholic Shen?

Traditional Chinese Medicine gives us powerful tools to diagnose and treat patients who suffer from depression. In March 2018. The WHO announced that globally, more than 300 million people of all ages affected by depression. Some of these people have already sought care and are being treated in our clinics.

Based on my work over the past 12 years with patients suffering from mental health disorders, I believe that no two cases are the same. Just as every Shen is unique – every depression manifests itself in a distinct way. Each patient comes with his/her own personality, history, strengths and weaknesses. We should listen carefully to their stories because quite often, the diagnosis lays in what they tell us (and don’t tell us).

My presentation explores 5 main types of depression derived from TCM theory, including the range of symptoms, the differential diagnosis, and appropriate Chinese herbal formulas and modifications for each type.

Toward the end of my presentation, I address some of the dynamics that characterize the patient-practitioner relationship in the treatment of patients with depression.

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the mechanism of depression and its effect on the patient in relation to 5 major types of depression. Recognizing the basic syndrome at the core of the manifestation, using TCM differential diagnosis.
  2.  Learning the most commonly used formulas and modifications for each diagnosis.
  3.  Creating awareness of ways in which treatment of patients with depression can affect practitioners and possible solutions to this problem.



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