The Clinical Relevance of the Shang Han Lun’s roots in the Neijing

Speaker: Sharon Weizenbaum

Language: English

Field: Herbal Therapy, Diagnostics, Classics / Philosophy, Practice

This Lecture is suitable for All levels

This is a 3-hour lecture. The Neijing is a text that describes in detail the human body as a mirror reflection of heaven and earth. Our life force moves through our bodies in an organized system that mirrors the luminaries above (sun, moon, planets, stars) and the terrain below (rivers, streams, mountains). The Neijing is first a text of physiology or "how the universe works." From the Neijing perspective, physiology IS cosmology. The laws that rule the cosmos, also rule the human being and all of nature.

How is the Shang Han Lun the text that puts the Neijing into practice? How does the Neijing cosmology and physiology present in the organization and content of the Shang Han Lun?

How does this understanding vastly improve clinical outcomes in Chinese herbology? These are the questions that will be answered in this lecture. Clinical case studies from Sharon's practice will be offered as examples of these concepts in action.

link pdf here

Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will receive an introduction to the cosmology of the Shang Han Lun
  2. Students will understand the relationship between the Neijing and the Shang Han Lun
  3. Students will understand the clinical relevance of this understanding to unlock the power of our medicine.


  1. The Complete Stems and Branches: Roisin Golding
  2. Discussion of Cold Damage: Guo Hui Liu
  3. Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen: Unschuld
  4. Huang Di Nei Jing Ling Shu: Unschuld
  5. Humming with Elephants: Sabine Wilms

This post is also available in: Hebrew

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