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Metabolic Syndrome viewed through the Six Channels, Acupuncture Channel Theory and Herbal Shan Han Lun applications Michael Oxman & Amos Ziv

Speaker: Michael Oxman & Amos Ziv

When: Tuesday, 5.4.2016  10:30-14:00

Language: English

Field: Chinese Medicine - Herbal Medicine - Theory - Practice

Abstract: As the incidence of metabolic-related disorders continues to rise, it is increasingly important to understand early diagnostic risk factors and effective ways...

When the Heart Can’t Let Go by Pnina Droyan

פנינה תמונה

When the Heart Can't Let Go  - Diagnosing and Treating Insomnia

She walked into the clinic quietly. But as soon as the dam had burst, she started telling me about the thoughts that haunt her. They chase her through the day too, but she manages to release them...

Diabetes in the Classics and Clinical Application Rotem Rakovsky

 Diabetes in the Classics and Clinical Application

Speaker: Rotem Rakovsky

When: Tuesday, 5.4.2016, 10:30-14:00

language: Hebrew

Field: Chinese Medicine - Ancient Scripts, Herbs - Practice