Sabine Wilms

After high school and some undergraduate training in Germany, Sabine Wilms spent two years in Taiwan, studying modern and classical Chinese language and culture. She then moved to the US for her graduate studies and has lived there ever since. Sabine has been studying classical Chinese writings on medicine ever since her PhD studies in Asian Studies and medical Anthropology. While her academic background has given her a solid foundation in early Chinese philosophy, science, and cosmology and therefore in a historically and culturally sensitive approach to classical Chinese medicine, she also enjoys an ethnomedical approach to Chinese medicine as a living, clinically effective, and ever-changing response to any given cultural environment. She focuses her research and teaching on gynecology, reproduction, and “nurturing life,” as understood in the broadest sense by the great medieval “King of Medicine,” Sun Simiao. Sabine is happiest when engaging in a dialogue with practitioners on how to make this ancient wisdom come alive in our modern times. Following in Sun Simiao’s footsteps, she currently divides her time between writing and lecturing on Chinese medicine and raising goats, poultry, bees, and apples on her small biodynamic farm in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.

Her publications include

-  Pathomechanisms of the Five Viscera (translator, separate books on the Heart, Liver, Lung, Spleen, and Kidney, 2005-2007, Paradigm Publications);

-  Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang, Essential Prescriptions worth a Thousand in Gold for Every Emergency: Volumes 2-4 on Gynecology (The Chinese Medicine Database, 2007);

-  Chinese Medicine in Infertility (co-edited with Andreas Noll; Thieme Publications in 2009);

-  The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Zhen Jiu Da Cheng, Volume 1 (The Chinese Medicine Database, 2010);

-  Formulas from the Golden Cabinet with Songs (The Chinese Medicine Database, forthcoming)

Jin gui yao lue: Essential Prescriptions of the Golden Coffer (co-authored with Nigel Wiseman, forthcoming by Paradigm Publications).

Main assembly lecture:  Practicing Medicine in Classical China Sun Simiao’s Vision of the Great Physician (da yi 大醫)

Congress day lecture:  Venerating the Root: An Introduction to Sun Simiao’s Teachings on Pediatrics with clinical commentary and case studies by Assaf Mor

Post Congress Workshop: Ten Times More Difficult to Treat: A Text-Reading Workshop on Sun Simiao’s Teachings on Gynecology

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