Nir Salomon

Nir is a certified TCM practitioner and an integrative gastroenterology specialist. He is the founder and director of the integrative gastroenterology unit in Sheba medical center (the largest hospital in the Middle East).

Nir is also a co-founder and acting CEO of the Sino-Israeli Research Foundation (SIRF) an organization conducting academic and research collaboration between world-leading medical centers and Head of R&D of ITS Medical Inc. Nir currently runs two busy private clinics in Israel, leads innovative research projects, teaches and lectures world-wide about the integrative approach to gastro-intestinal diseases.
After completing his studies, he travelled to China and was a personal student of Prof. Liang Chao a revered herbalist and head of the gastroenterology department at the Chengdu university hospital of TCM.

In 2007 Nir returned to Israel and founded the Integrative gastroenterology unit in Sheba medical center with a vision to change the way in which digestive diseases are conventionally diagnosed and treated. As the director of this unique unit Nir has initiated and co-directed several clinical and laboratory studies investigating the safety and efficacy of herbal compounds and their combination with conventional medicine.

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