Merav Sever


Merav Sever, a qualified nurse, Chinese medicine and medicinal herbs therapist. The developer of the method "When Freud Met the Needle" – a combination of emotional dialogue in the healing process.

A graduate of Chinese medicine and Shiatsu at 'Medicin College'.

Specialized in Natural Medicine of Children - according to Julian Scott.

Specialized in 'Stems and Branches' Theory  - by Adi Goldenberg.

Practiced at Academy of Classical Chinese Medicine, Jeffery Yuen,  Ireland.

A member of the teaching staff of 'Medicin college' and 'Broshim Campus" in Tel-Aviv.

These days, a moderator and lecturer of " When Freud Met the Needle" workshops, guiding students, therapists and the free publicity in combining an emotional dialogue in the healing process.

A therapist in a private clinique "Refuot' in Tel-Aviv, and another clinique in Kadima, Hasharon area.

Incorporating "Teta Healing" techniques and "Recall Healing" techniques in the therapy process.

Degrees: Lic. Ac.

Upcoming Lectures in the ICCM congress 2019 

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