Prof. Liu EN Ming

Professor Liu En-Ming is the founder and developer of Filiform Fire Needling and the president of Filiform Fire Needle Company in Hong Kong. In 2011 he published in China the book "Liu’s Filiform Fire Needling" and in 2012 “Filiform Fire Needle” became a patent in China. In 2013 Filiform Fire Needling was officially recognized from the Chinese government Chinese Medicine authorities and Liu En Ming became the representative of Filiform Fire Needling in China.

Liu En-Ming is traveling in China and the world to promote this unique Chinese Medicine treatment in acupuncture associations, congresses and so on. He has collaborated with several hospitals and clinics in China where he is mainly treating difficult cases that other’s cannot treat. His method has excellent instant healing results and his dream is to serve as much people as possible.

Upcoming lectures during ICCM Congress #7, 2016:

  •  Introduction to Filiform Fire Needling. Treating Low Back Pain with Heat - Wednesday 6.4.2016, 09:30-13:30

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