Ran Kalif Japanese Treatment Techniques of Common Acute and Degenerative Eye Diseases

Japanese Treatment Techniques for Common Acute and Degenerative Eye Diseases

Speaker: Ran Kalif

When: A lecture given at the #7 ICCM Congress, 2016

Language: Hebrew

Field: Japanese Medicine - Practice


In this seminar I will review the most effective techniques known in Japan to treat common acute and degenerative eye diseases.

Nowadays virtually all acute eye afflictions are treated with either antibiotics or corticosteroid drugs or topical ointments/eye drops, these methods were unknown to man in the far east till not very long ago. And still, methods of treating these afflictions prevailed for more than a thousand years. Furthermore, eye degenerative diseases such as cataract, which if left untreated for long, will almost likely cause secondary blindness, today treated by complex surgical procedures, were also treated with simple methods with good results on most cases.

I will review the use of direct moxa, manual methods and Kampo formulas which I have been using in my clinic for the last 20 years. By applying my master’s ancient and effective methods I was able to help so many people simply and naturally. I will do my best to share it all with you, for the sake of knowledge and life preserving.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • - Cataract
  • - Glaucoma
  • - Retinal inflammation (eyeball pain)
  • - Red eye & ache
  • - Stye & and chronic eyelid inflammation, blepharitis.
  • - Phlycten eye
  • - Hyper lacrimation

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