Japanese prespective on the 8 extraordinary vessels and the use of polarity treatments

In this lecture we will discuss different approaches of Japanese acupuncture regarding the treatment of the 8 extraordinary vessels, especially Dr. Manaka’s and the Toyohari association.

After a short historical review we will dive into the classic texts and the development of some gentle techniques with polarity agents such as ion pumping cords and the use of zinc and copper pallets.

We will learn how symptoms and pathology’s manifest as abdominal reflex’s and how to listen to the pulse regarding the 8 extraordinary vessels, point locations and ways of treatment.

Lecture objectives:

Exposing the participants to unique techniques, easy to implement and understand.

Better understanding of the extraordinary vessels system.

Exploring the core principles of pulse harmonizing.

Review of some abdominal diagnosis.


Hara diagnosis- Matsumoto and Birch

Chasing the dragon’s tail- Manaka, Itaya and Birch

Publication of the Toyohari association.

This post is also available in: Hebrew

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