Jani White

Jani White brings her 27 years experience of UK maternity and gynaecology services, with her 18 years in practice as an acupuncturist, doula and antenatal teacher. She has taught both undergraduate and postgraduate TCM since 2000.

Jani's lineage as a practitioner includes 5 Element (Worsley),  Pattern & Syndrome (Maciocia), Japanese (Birch), Channels (Robertson & Wang), and Classics (Larry & Rochat). She is delighted to have this opportunity to riff with Rani and to voice & share all of her teacher's wisdoms.


Past Publications with the ICCM:

ICCM Congress #10, 2017

ICCM Congress #5, 2014

  • Labor Room Acopuncture
    • What awaits us in the future?
    • Support and preparation for delivery
    • After labor treatment and working with high risk patients.

This post is also available in: Hebrew

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