Ioannis Dimitriou A Personal Note Towards ICCM Congress


Chinese Medicine (CM) is a concept. CM as we know it is based on theories that have guided health care practitioners in China for centuries. From my understanding by being in China for 13 years, the practice of medicine was always more important than the theories. Deng Xiao Ping (Dèng Xiǎo-píng, 邓小平) the leader of China from 1978 to 1992 said that “it doesn't matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice”. By that he meant that he did not worry too much about whether a person is a revolutionary or not, as long as he or she will do the job under the socialist economy. Coming back to CM we could say that it doesn’t matter if a clinician is using Chinese or other practices as long as it serves the person’s true health. Practitioners of CM that performed surgeries such as Hua Tuo (Huá Tuó, 华陀) probably would like to call themselves clinicians and not strictly practitioners of CM. People try to put things and medicine into a specific framework mainly because it is easy to establish laws and say who is who. But this is not the big picture. The big picture is to do whatever we can to guide people into harmony. I do this in my clinic, when it is needed, by using bone-setting techniques from Tuina, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy for patients that have a musculoskeletal system out of balance. Another important part of my work are the tissues that are part of san jiao such as connective tissue and fascia. Filiform fire needling is my favorite treatment method for problems with those tissues, tendons and muscles. For stressed and emotionally imbalanced people, mentoring and guidance is always important and I do use this a lot. Herbs, decoctions or herbal powder made into pills and capsules is also an important treatment method that I use. Classical acupuncture as my teacher Wang Ju-yi applies, Master Tung’s acupuncture, Tan’s Balance Method are some of the acupuncture methods I find trustworthy to use. Qi gong diagnosis and treatment is another important component of my work.

Correct diagnosis is necessary to decide the therapeutic methods and the treatment protocol that will be used in each treatment. Improvement should be immediate and could be seen in the patient’s pulse, face and if there is a musculoskeletal problem at the movement pattern as well.

The way that CM is developing today is by rooting in the past and looking into the future that western and CM brings. That is also the way I practice CM. We should not forget that CM is still developing by itself and by taking into consideration the knowledge that comes from western medicine.

Introduction to Filiform Fire Needling. Treating Low Back Pain with Heat - Wednesday, 6.4.2015, 9:30-15:30

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