Insomnia management with Hunyuan medicine

Speaker: Dr. Naveh Tov MD, PhD, Internal pulmonary & sleep medicine specialist. Hunyuan medicine practitioner

Language: Hebrew

Field: Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Qi Gong/ Taiji, Diagnostics, Classics / Philosophy, Practice

This Lecture is suitable for: all levels

In my talk, I want to share with you my way to treat insomnia using Hunyuan principal to treat the patients.
We will learn
What are the aims of Hunyuan Medicine (Life research aiming to promote happiness, health, and longevity)?
How to make a diagnosis (Unification level, Body chi speed, heart dichotomy) ?
How to treat (Acupuncture, Herbs and Heart methods)?
During my talk, we will discuss cases from my clinic and learn how to use the best technic.

Learning Objectives:

The participant will understand the aims of Hunyuan medicine
The participant will understand the terms of unification/separation, water, and fire circle
The participant will learn how to diagnose based on Hunyuan principal
The participant will understand by cases how to combine a proper treatment – acupuncture, herbs, chi gong, Xinfa


Hunyuan Foundation Book By Yaron Seidman
Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine 5th Edition Expert Consult – Online and Print Authors: Meir Kryger Thomas Roth William Dement

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