HT-7, 神門, SHEN MEN, GATEWAY OF SPIRIT(S)BY Bartosz Chmielnicki


The Hand ShaoYin Channel of the Heart is a very special channel as it is the external expression of the Heart – the Emperor ruling all the other channels. In the diurnal cycle the Heart receives energy from the Foot TaiYin Channel of the Spleen. In that way the Blood is directed to the Heart in order to be animated by the Shen. The flow of Qi through the points Ht-1 to Ht-9 reflects the maturation of the Shen as well as its concentration and internalization. When the Shen finds its safe dwelling in the body in can be spread by the Blood through the body and the final point – Ht-9 is called ShaoChong – the rush of energy from the depth of ShaoYin. This powerful movement of the Blood infused by the matured Shen is then collected by the Metal quality of S.I.-1 – 少澤 , ShaoZe,  “Collection (of Goods from the) Inside” and distributed through the entire body by the two channels of the TaiYang.

The previous point in the process of maturation of Shen is Ht-6 – 陰郄, Yin Xi, “Concentration of Yin“. When the Yin is concentrated and tonifies the matured Shen, The Shen is able to enter the body and find safe dwelling inside the Yin. This allows it to appropriately respond to the outside world.

Characters of the name:

神 – Shen – an altar and two hands extending a rope or a lighting – Spirit(s), inspiration, genius, mind, mysterious, supernatural, gods

門 – Men – two leaved door – opening, gate, entrance

Note: MenShen 門神 – in ancient China the spirits protecting the entrances to houses and temples were painted on two leaves of the door. They were called MenShen.

Meaning of the name:

Gateway (of/for) Spirit(s) – this name refers to harmony coming and going of a well-developed Spirit(s). In this point the fully matured Shen is able to appropriately contact with the outside world and respond to it manifesting the virtue ofLi – Appropriateness.  This in turn results in psycho-emotional stability, feeling of safety, good memory, intelligence and other positive qualities of the Heart.

Other Names:

兌衝 –  DuiChong. The two characters used in this name can be translated in different ways reflecting the function of Ht-7 in different perspectives:

– Rushing Joy – according to LingShu there are no Shu points in the Heart channel, as the Heart, Emperor in the body, interacts with the outside world only through the Pericardium and its Shu points. The only exception is Ht-7, acting as an emergency Shen calming point, enabling the Shen to rest in appropriate container, causing joy as a result of harmony and relaxation.

– Highway of Joy – Yang energy accumulated in this point and enables the opening of the Heart to its related feelings of joy and happiness.

– Open Highway – Heart governs the vessels/channels. Ht-7 is a source point of the channel; additionally it receives a transverse Luo channel from S.I-7. All these qualities together with its Earth quality enable this point to perform "channels freeing action".

中都 –  ZhongDu

– Central Capital or The Center of Everything – this name refers to a paradise in Heaven, a central part of a city with Imperial Palace on Earth and a region of the Heart in Man. This name points also to the central position of Earth Phase as Ht-7 is and Earth point.


銳中 –  RuiZhong 

– Center of Zeal – this translation refers to the balancing effect of Ht-7 on emotional level

– Center of Sharpness – this point is indicated in case of sharp, severe Heart pain as well as Wind invasion.


兌骨–  DuiGu

Dissipation/Protuberant Bone. This name helps in memorizing the location of the point



1) “Gate for the Spirit(s)”

The main name of Ht-7 focuses on its function of providing free communication of the Heart with the outside world by regulating the coming and going of the Shen. This important function of Ht-7 explains the wide range of psycho-emotional indications for this point. Moreover, Ht-7 is used for the treatment of different problems concerning making contact – from withdrawal to being overexcited and talkative.

2) Earth point:

Ht-7 has the quality of Earth. As an Earth point in is very nourishing for the Heart and Shen, it also tonifies the Yin aspects and the Blood.  This is why Ht-7 is used for clearing the Heat from the Blood in the treatment of palpitations, anxiety, itching and so on. Earth is the central Phase, so it is efficient in balancing pathologies of Fire / Heat. For this reason Ht-7 is often used to calm the Shen, e.g. in the treatment of insomnia. Central Earth quality is reflected in secondary names of Ht-7:    銳中 RuiZhong and銳中ZhongDu

3) Shu – transporting point

Chapter 71 of LingShu describes the Heart as the Emperor of the body and says that there are no Shu points on Hand ShaoYin channel because the Emperor makes contact with the outside world only through the channel of Pericardium. The only exception is ShenMen – the point for treating all acute and severe conditions of the Heart.

Nevertheless in ZhenJiuJiaYiJing all points on Hand ShaoYin channel are described, and Ht-7 is called Shu-transporting point and Earth point of that channel.

4) Yuan Point 

Chapter 1 and chapter 2 of LingShu , describe DaLing Pc-7 as the Yuan point for the Heart. The same information is given in the question 66 of NanJing, but in this text other point is added as a Yuan point for Hand ShaoYin channel. This point is located at  兌骨 DuiGu, and is identified by later commentators as Ht-7 – 兌骨 DuiGu or protuberant bone is one of its names.

This evolution reflects important role of Ht-7 in tonifying the channel of the Heart.

5) Ht – S.I – Bl relations

The Heart and the Small Intestine are connected as a Yin/Yang pair of Fire organs, while Small Intestine and Bladder channels are hand and leg aspects of the TaiYang channel. Physiologically this is a perfect combination as it allows the TaiYang to fulfill its function of warming the body by the distribution of Blood animated by Shen from the Heart in the whole body. In a pathological state, these connections explain different Bladder diseases caused by instability of the Fire Phase, like enuresis, frequent inflammations connected with sexual activity and so on. This relation is also used in therapy, when Ht-7 helps in treatment of the conditions described above.

Explanation of the picture accompanying this article:

The picture shows a gate with spirits of light gathered behind, symbolizing the main name and function of Ht-7. Protective door spirits are painted on the two leaves of the gate. There is also a ray of Light from Heaven – Shen itself coming down to that gate. The cultivated soil with vegetables shown in the picture is a symbol of Earth quality and centering functions of this point. A cart reflects Ht-7 as the Shu-transporting point of the channel.  

The artist is Martyna Janik.


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