Gerd Ohmstede

Gerd Ohmstede, 1954, married, one son

German Heilpraktiker/Naturopath since 1979 - practising Chinese Medicine since 1981.

2016 Co-chairman World Acupuncture Conference at UNESCO, Paris, 2018, Vice chair ICETCM 2016, Chengdu

2014 Member of EC of ETCMA (European TCM association, 25 member societies of 18 countries representing 14000 practitioners), head of commission advocacy and lobbying. Managing WHO-events in Rothenburg TCM Kongress, International TCM summits, Work for CAM on EU-level

2013 Member of EC of WFAS (World Federation of Acupuncture Societies),

Visiting Professor of Chengdu University of TCM, PR China.

2011 to date
 Congress President of TCM Kongress Rothenburg. International networking TCM institutions (universities, ngo’s, societies, congresses, journals), speakers and colleagues.

1994 - 2011 Member of EC of the AGTCM (TCM society Germany, founded 1954) and Chairman of TCM Kongress Rothenburg, responsible for the conception, planning and organization, ongoing contact with leading speakers in the West and Asia

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