From Theory to practice- Ancient medical schools and their clinical use in women’s health

Speaker: Keren Zelicha Dip. Ac, M. Ac


Field: Herbal Therapy, Classics / Philosophy, Practice

This Lecture is suitable for כל הרמות

The ancient Chinese Medicine literature emphasized a lot the unique physiology and pathology of women. Already in the first chapter of the Yellow Emperor, the seven-year cycle of the women is mentioned. The book contains many sentences related to the physiology or pathology of menstruation, pregnancy, and childbirth, all are milestones for treating women up to these days. The first physician who wrote about the treatment of women was Zhang Zhong Jing. In his book, Jin Gui Yao Lue, there are three chapters that describe the causes, pathologies, treatments of pregnancy, postpartum and different situations in a woman's life. Throughout history, doctors expanded and emphasized the treatment of women's illnesses and made it a unique field.

In this lecture, I will teach ancient Chinese medicine formulas that have a unique and important treatment principle for women. After exploring the theory, we will continue to analyze some interesting case studies and learn how they can be applied in the clinic. The formulas I will focus on in this lecture will be by doctors such as Zhang Zhong Jing, Zhang Jing Yue, and Fu qing Zhu.

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Learning Objectives:

  1. The participants will study important ancient theories and treatment principals in Chinese Herbology
  2. The participants will be able to adapt and apply the formulas taught later in their clinic


  1. The jin gui yao lue
  2. Fu Ren Gui
  3. Fu Qing Zhu Nu Ke

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