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This Journal of ICCM is dedicated to articles of speakers of the 6th ICCM congress due at the end of the month (for more details please see: The articles reflect the variety of interests of the speakers:

Avi Magidoff writes about his view of the Shen and some ways to treat its mental aspects by its more physical aspects; Cody Dodo writes about the history of the Chinese medicine; Dr. Bartosz Chmielnicki and Rani Ayal focus on finding deeper layers of the acupuncture points; Lillian Pearl Bridges writes about the characteristics of the year of the sheep which started last month; Dr. Yair Maimon writes about how Chinese medicine may integrate with western medicine in treating oncological patients; Eyal Shpringer shows how we may use certain kind of food for healing. We also added an interview with Sabine Wilms by Yael Ernst published originally in “Sinit” about 4 years ago

We wish you a pleasant reading and are looking forward to see you at the congress!


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