Clinical Personalization – Jing Fang and Kampo

Speaker: Pedro Albuquerque

Language: English

Field: Herbal Therapy, Diagnostics, Classics / Philosophy

This Lecture is suitable for All levels

The formulas that will be mentioned come mainly from the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue Classics. They are based on the clinical practice established by Zhang Zhong Jing (149-219 CE). The lecture will focus on the logic behind the formulas' families, on the 3 substances, on the constitutional state of the patients, on the syndromes of the herbs and of the formulas, on the diseases and syndromes presented, and on their own diagnostic methods – being the abdominal palpation an important example.

This provides a way to decipher the clinical findings, which help the clinician to choose the most suitable and safe treatment. Drawing on Chinese and Japanese visions with a common root, that come from the work of two doctors – Dr. Huang Huang in the Jing Fang area and Dr Keisetsu Otsuka in the Japanese Kampo, this lecture intends to help defining the path that will open the door to this reasoning.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will understand the importance of: Formulas' Families
  2. 3 substances (Qi, Xue, Shui)
  3. Constitutional State of the Patients
  4. Syndromes of the Materia Medica and of the Formulas
  5. Abdominal diagnosis


  1. Thirty years of kanpō: Selected case studies of an herbal doctor by Keisetsu Ōtsuka
  2. Ten Key Formula Families in Chinese Medicine by Huang Huang
  3. A Clinical Manual of Kampo Medicine by Nigel Dawes and Bruce Park
  4. Zhang Zhong-jing's Clinical Application of 50 Medicinals by Huang Huang
  5. Applications of Medicinals Using Classical Formulas by Huang Huang

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