Chinese Medicine Online Summit

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Chines Medicine Summit

Heart to Heart Conversations


with Marian Nielson Joos

Dates: 23-25.June.2017

Marian Nielson Joos invites us to the 1st Chinese Medicine Summit that will be all online and FREE during the days of the Summit. Marian will Host 13 Heart to Heart Conversations with 13 influential international experts for a deeper understanding about the roots of the Ancient Chinese Medicine and to receive amazing knowledge that will transform and connect you to a spiritual journey.

Get highly inspired and deeply touched by these Heart to Heart Conversations.

Both intimate and revealing, these 13 powerful interviews with well-known Chinese Medicine and Shamanism experts:

• Will shed light on the wisdom learned from the Ancient Chinese Healing Tradition


• Will deeply connect you to the spiritual roots of our resourceful medicine


Sign up to this never before seen online event and discover the roots of the healing tradition and how it impacts the way we practice modern Chinese Medicine today.

During the summit, 13 influential international experts in the field of Chinese Medicine and Shamanism will share their personal stories, their knowledge, as well as their unique experience and insights.

Sign up and get inspired by incredibly moving, intimate and revealing Heart to HeartConversations on the Art of the Ancient Chinese Medicine - all the way to its core of Shamanism.

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