Chinese Medicine in the Community

The Center for Chinese Medicine in the Community was established in 2009 by Ariel Jodorkovsky and Tom Rotenberg.

The clinic specializes in pain management and rehabilitation treatments through an extensive professional infrastructure that enables frequent and time limited acupuncture treatments in order to expedite the patients' healing process.

We also combine many different treatment tools such as: Cupping, Gua sha, Tuina, Electro-Acupuncture, Hebral Poultices, Herbal Liniments, Dit da jow (Die da jiu), Herbal Oils, Moxibustion, Qi Gong and rehabilitation exercise movements.

Fees are relatively modest to facilitate frequent treatments and to allow accessibility to a variety of sectors in the community. The clinic offers a unique treatment model, driven by an organic care team, similar to the treatment offered in hospitals in China.

The clinic has a training center that provides lectures and courses in the professional field of Chinese medicine and alternative medicine treatments. The center also offers public lectures on a variety of topics in order to promote healthy lifestyles.

The clinic aims to foster collaboration with medical and academic institutions and to take part in clinical studies in order to promote Chinese medicine, integrative medicine and medical research in Israel and abroad.

Contact information:

63 Moriah Ave. Haifa

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