Balance Method Masterclass

Objectives of the clinical day

Emphasis on understanding the mechanism of the disease

Understanding the choice of the right therapeutic tool for the disease mechanism

Presenting all the new developments and ideas of the Israeli Tan Center

Clinical demonstrations and c treatment to improve diagnosis and treatment capabilities

Lecture sources

Pulse Diagnosis – Lu Yubin – Shandong science & technology press.

Applied Channel Theory in Chinses Medicine  – Wang Ju-Yi / Jason D.Robertson. Eastland Press Seattle.

Twelve on Twelve in Acupuncture – Richard Tan O.M.D , Stephen Rush

Twenty Four More in Acupuncture – Richard Tan O.M.D , Stephen Rush

Twelve Magical Points – Richard The-Fu Tan O.M.D

Acupuncture 1,2,3 -  Richard The-Fu Tan O.M.D

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