Trauma, Sport Injury treatments and Radiology assessments Adi Fromm & Guy Polak

Trauma, Sport Injury treatments and Radiology assessments

Speaker: Adi Fromm & Guy Polak

When: Thursday, March 21-22, 2017. 9:00-16:00

Language: English

Field: Acupuncture

This Lecture is suitable for practitioner of all levels


One of the main complain in the western countries treated by acupuncture is PAIN

After more than one decade with experience of thousands of patients and collaboration of orthopedic treatment with the best orthopedic doctors in Israel, we can say that the Balance method and other Jing Lou approaches are the most affecting treatments in acupuncture.

The balance method is an effective powerful and easy to learn method.

What will be learned?

In this workshop you will review and teach the diagnosis of trauma injuries and sport injuries according to the Jing Lou Diagnosis and practice.

The second half of the seminar we will teach how to use radiology tests and have tham as an assessment tool in order to diagnose the chinese disease. We will use the radiology assessment to understand how to have the most balanced treatment for pain patients.

We will instruct and educate practitioners to use of the proper acupuncture way of treatment.on

Learning Objectives:

  1. Improving the understanding of the balance method
  2. Creating an accurate and precise treatment for sport injury
  3. Having a better estimation of prognosis
  4. Deepening the knowledge and application of chinese medicine in modern orthopedic problem


Close to the bone - david legge

Jing jin - david legge

Acupuncture 1,2,3 - dr tan


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