Auricular Medicine: the Medicine that is ahead of its time


The language of the workshop: Hebrew.

The workshop is suitable to all levels.

Fields of expertise of the workshop: practice, acupuncture

Workshop Overview

Nowadays a vast majority of patients are not familiar with medical auricular doctrine which is based upon a large body of research carried out by Dr. Paul Nogier and Prof. Bahar. Most of us are familiar with one or two specific protocols, some specific points of acupuncture, which in are located in a different place than where we believed them to be located before.

Most of us have heard about auricular medicine as a specific niche in the numerous practices of alternative medicine. Is it, in fact, just a niche?

In this workshop, we will learn in depth about auricular medicine and become aware of its power and potential. It is studied in universities around Europe. It is taught by doctors and professors, neurologists, psychiatrists, orthopedists, clinical psychologists and more. It takes at least 200 hours to study and understand in depth auricular medicine, its sophistication and complexity and unconceivable results that can be achieved through its use and application.

Imagine, our ear, such a small organ, has over 1150 potential acupuncture points for diagnosis, stimulation and treatment, more than in any other organ.

How did such a small organ receive so many protocols, the highest amount compared to other practices of alternative medicine?

In this workshop, we will explore a number of modern inhibitors that prevent from the practitioners achieving the desired results regardless of which protocol was chosen for treatment. Such inhibitors include dental problems and their influence on other internal organs and meridians. Another inhibitor is related to the phenomenon of laterality – asymmetry of the brain and its effect on physical and mental pathologies.

In this workshop, I will introduce three new protocols developed by Dr. Paul Nogier and Prof. Bahar. These protocols have been introduced in rehabilitation institutions that treat smoking addiction and addiction to soft and hard drugs. The success rate of these protocols exceeds 80%. We will learn to combine these protocols with filters developed by Dr. Nogier. These filters indicate whether the applied protocol is optimally suited to the patient and will be successful by the end of the treatment sessions.

This workshop offers an opportunity to gain insight into one of the most appreciated practices in alternative medicine. This practice is greatly valued by practitioners, patients, doctors and neurophysiologists around the world.

The goals of the workshop

  1. To understand what auricular medicine is.
  2. To differentiate between auricular medicine and auricular therapy.
  3. To introduce 3 new and far more efficient models to treat smoking and drug addiction than the ones that have been used in Israel up till now.
  4. To become familiar with simple and sophisticated equipment developed by Dr. Nogier and Prof. Bahar and the enormous contribution such equipment has to Chinese and alternative medicine.
  5. To become aware of two inhibitors hat prevent the success of the auricular treatment that were not known in the practice of auricular medicine in Israel up today. These two inhibitors include dental problems and their effect on internal organs and meridians, and lateral asymmetry of the brain and its effect on mental and physiological disorders.


GLEM Seminar delivered in Dr. Nogier's Academy in France.

Research carried out by Dr. Webber and Prof. Bahar in Germany.

From auricular therapy to auriculo- medicine by  Dr. Paul Nogier, 1981

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