Assaf Ezra-Yael

A professional Chinese Medicine Practitioner – Dip. CM ,Since 2009.
I Studied my basic Chinese Medicine Studies. at the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Since I specified at the Gastroenterology and Mental Health fields along with practicing reading Chinese Medical text and developed unique approach for treatment.

Today I work at two private clinics within the cities of Ramat-Gan & Kadima, Israel,
expertise at Gastroenterology and mental disorders by Acupuncture and Chinese herbalism.

Also works at the Complementary Medicine Unit of Bnei-Zion Medical Centre, Haifa as a professional acupuncturist of the Institute of Gastrointestinal Medicine of the medical center.

Lectures at the "Meirav" faculty of Complementary Medicine, Open University, Israel at the Curses of Classical Chinese Nutrition and Clinical Preparation for TCM students.

Upcoming lectures in the ICCM Congress 2018


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