And One Day We Will Play Ping-Pong by Avihai Wolczak

And one day we will play Ping-Pong - Mending bones via Zu Sao Yang

Sarit (a fabricated name) was born on the month of July of the year 1978. According to the “Ten Celestial Stems and Twelve Earthy Branches” approach, her birth date reveals her energetic structure, where the Fire Phase is clearly underlined in comparison to the rest of the phases (wood, earth, metal and water). In which case, the metal phase might suffer, especially FEI, the lungs.

Not totally unrelated, Sarit has been suffering from Manic Depression and therefore was treated with Tegretol (a psychiatric medication) among other means of treatments.

At the end of November 2006, as Sarit was driving her scooter (Vespa), a truck driver, committed a serious traffic violation and heat her, injuring her severely. As a result Sarit suffered an open fracture on both bones: Fibula and Tibia.

A severe damage was caused also to the tissues and flash around the area.

Sarit was hospitalized for many months. The Doctors at the hospital had tried to mend her fractures. However, as often happens in such cases, Sarit’s Tibia bone became


Usually, when a bone becomes infected, it is almost impossible to eliminate the infection with medical treatment. The only treatment possible in such cases is to shorten the bone, hoping that some of the infected area will be removed as well.

Altogether, Sarit underwent two surgeries to shorten her bone. Her Tibia bone was shortened by 6 cm, during which time she had been treated intravenously with various types of strong antibiotic.

While being treated, Sarit’s white blood cells count began deteriorating severely. This may have been attributed to the use of Tegretol. Therefore, the use of Tegretol was discontinued, further complicating her medical treatment. Despite all the efforts, the infection persisted and the bone did not mend.

On October 2007, Sarit was told that all medical efforts to mend her Tibia bone had failed, therefore the doctors recommended amputating her left leg just below the knee. Nevertheless, Sarit made up her mind not to give up!

I first met Sarit on October of 2007. She wore an ELIZAROV apparatus on her left leg, which held the two parts of her leg together with wires that impaled her flash. Aside from keeping both parts of the leg together as one, this apparatus is used to lengthen the leg (the bones) through stretching of the flash using screws.

Sarit suffered excruciating pain in her leg as a result of both the injury as well as the apparatus. She also suffered from limited sensation as well as limited mobility of her foot.

The flesh on her leg lacked vitality, there was a constant secretion from the depth, as a result of the bone infection.

My goal in planning her treatment was to stop the infection, strengthen her immune system, while treating mental level at the same time, i.e.: supporting her during her periods of depression, and stabilizing her during her manic episodes.

The most important meridian to use in Sarit’s case was the Zu Shao Yang (GB), for several reasons:

First, in chapter 10 of the Ling Shu, it is stated that this meridian treats diseases of the bones, 是(shì) 主(zhǔ) 骨(gǔ) 所(suǒ) 生(shēng) 病(bìng) 者(zhě).

Second, this meridian is of extreme importance for the correct relation between Fire and Water, between XIN and SHEN. The power of the Shao Yang is to take the essences of the Water and enable them to become expressed, manifest. This force will show up both in the physical level and the mental level.

The quality of DAN as an extraordinary Fu, which contains the essences, teaches us that DAN acts on the deepest and most primal level of building the body and mind. Let us pay attention to the deep connection it has with the Special Meridians, especially Yang Wei Mai, Yang Qiao Mai and Dai Mai.

Third, the energetic map which is drawn from her date of birth, reveals to us that this meridian not only has a balancing effect on Sarit, but, it might also, in particular be her weakest.

An important element in Sarit’s treatment planning had also been the use of local needling, with lots of needles around each scar (“opening” the scar), to allow a better free flow of Qi and blood, which is essential for ceasing the infection and restoring the tissues. As well as the use of many needles and the “seven star” hammer on her foot in order to bring Qi and blood to the area.

Another very important element in the treatment had been a nutritional consultation given by Dr. Mira Niazov, a specialist in Macrobiotic nutrition and dietary supplements.

The first treatment was rather rare, and included dispersing of BL-11 and GB-39. Both points are mentioned on paragraph 45 of the Nan Jing: BL-11 is the Meeting Point of the Qi of the Bones, and GB-39 is the Meeting Point of the Qi of the Bone Marrow (Sui). In this chapter it is told that the eight meeting points are to be used to treat illnesses of internal heat, 熱(rè) 病(bìng) 在(zài) 内(nèi) 者(zhě) 取(qǔ) 其(qí) 會(huì) 之(zhī) 氣(qì) 穴(xué) 也(yě).

I chose to use these points since in diagnosing her pulse I sensed on the deep level of all positions kind of a delicate Fire. In addition, I tonified GB-12 and began treatment to “open” the scars.

The name of GB-12 is Wan Gu – “Whole Bone” or "a bone which has been completed", demonstrating its location near the Mastoid Process.

Exploration of acupuncture points names, teaches us that the names can be understood on various levels. Most often, the first level of the name refer to its physical location. In order to understand the other levels, one must see the vast, deeper picture, which includes the function of the organ, the trajectory of the meridian, the geography, astronomy, mythology, etc.

In Ling Shu 10, we saw that the Zu Shao Yang treats diseases of the bones, however; which points on the meridian? How would each point affect the treatment?

The name of GB-12, Wan Gu, expresses the ability to strengthen the building of bones. This ability derive from the power of DAN (GB) to take the bone marrow (Sui) from the depth, from SHEN (KI), to the brain and to the bones.

We continued working, progressing from one week to the other. Depending on the situation, sometimes the mental level was mainly addressed, with points such as: GB-15, GB-13, or GB-18, and other times, the focus was on treating the bones with points such as: GB-39, GB-38, GB-17, GB-12 and GB-8.

Of course, other meridians, and other points were used as well, especially the three Yin leg meridians.

The upcoming two photos show the leg of Sarit with the ELIZAROV apparatus. The second picture shows part of the needles I put around the scars.

אביחי פינג פונג 1

אביחי פינג פונג 2

Once every two months, Sarit went over X-ray. During the first checkup, at the end of November 2007, an improvement was already noticed on the level of the infection. This time, the doctors did not insist that she must amputate her leg, they rather told her that it is up to her to choose.

Slowly, but surely, the look of her leg improved. The skin looked more vital, there was less secretion from the wound. A slight increasing movement of her foot was noticed.

During the January check –up, a tendency of bone regeneration has been noticed. On March check –up, a joining at the posterior part of the Tibia has been noticed. A decision was made to remove the ELIZAROV apparatus in two months time.

In mid-May, the ELIZAROV apparatus had been removed. The joining of the Tibia continued. The Fibula had already been completely joined and the sensation in her foot improved. We set up a soon to take place Ping Pong game.

The check up on February 2009 showed additional progress in joining of the Tibia, and the next check-up was set for six months ahead.

 In the next photo, which was taken on March 2008, we see the ELIZAROV apparatus, and the large space between the two parts of the Tibia bone. The photo reveals a tendency of joining of the bone. Joining of the bone is made possible when the level of infection decrease.

 אביחי פינג פונג 3

 This next photo was taken on November 2008, without the ELIZAROV apparatus. A partial joining of the Tibia can be seen. Pay attention to the space between the two parts of the bone in both photos. Also notice the distortion of the Fibula bone, which results from the shortening of the Tibia and the attempt to join its two edges.

 אביחי פינג פונג 4

Sarit still faces a few years of rehabilitation and treatments. Naturally the physical improvement of her leg was followed by a mental regression.

Mental level treatments were addressed both by acupuncture as well as by the use of Bach extracts given to Sarit by my wife, who is a Body-Mind practitioner.

There is no doubt in my mind that the success of Sarit treatment was made possible thanks to the knowledge I gained while creating the course named “Golden Gate”, that I have been teaching, which focuses on the energetic essence of acupuncture points. I also have no doubt that the day when Sarit and I get to finally play Ping Pong is not too far away.

Avihai Wolczak is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, a teacher and researcher of Ancient Chinese Texts. He is teaching the courses of “Golden Gate” and “Needle Techniques” workshop.

Translated by: Michal Gilo

























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