Adi Fromm

Adi Fromm is the Director of the School of Chinese Medicine at Reidman College, Israel’s largest school of Chinese Medicine. He is responsible for all academic and pedagogical aspects of the four-year College of Chinese Medicine program.

Adi is the former director of the Department of Integrative Medicine at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center (Shira"m), the first Department of Complementary Medicine founded in a hospital in Israel. Adi was responsible for all activities of the department, including conducting research, teaching and performing Alternative and Chinese Medicine treatments.

Adi is the first Chinese medicine practitioner who ever used acupuncture and herbal medicine inside an hospital ward and has been doing that for over 15 years. His pioneering work has become a model for integrating Chinese medicine in modern hospitals.

Adi is an official representative of Dr. Tan and a bearer of his Gold Certificate and the author of the fundamental book of the balance method and teaches Dr. Tan’s Balance Method in Israel, across Europe and the U.S

Adi was the former Chairman of the Israeli Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Adi graduated in 2002 and completed his internship at the Zhejiang Hospital, Hangzh, China.

Upcoming lectures during ICCM Congress 2019 

Previous Lectures in ICCM Congress 2018

Past Lectures in the ICCM:

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