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Since its early years the ICCM Congress was a unique and ground breaking event for the therapists and students community in Israel, bringing together local and international practitioners in ideal conditions for both learning and professional and social exchange.

The first International Congress of Chinese Medicine was held in the spring of 2007 in Israel, Tel Aviv University, with the participation of leading speakers from Israel and abroad including Peter Deadman, Peter Mole, Dr. Dominic Harzer and hundreds of therapists, teachers and students from various colleges across the country.

As a direct continuation, the 2ns congress took place in spring 2008, in cooperation with leading colleges and organizations with lectures by Julian Scott, Barbara Kirschbaum and Prof. Heiner Fruehauf among others.

Starting 2009, the ICCM acts as an independent privet organisation, whose vision is a  united and strong community which takes professional responsibility by continues learning, engagement, connection and cooperation with the international community.

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