Practical Hands-on workshop on Japanese Meridian Therapy

This workshop will be a hands-on introduction to Keiraku Chiryo - Japanese Meridian Therapy. The lecturer will very briefly review the theory and background and then explain how to identify the primary pattern for treatment. After explaining about how the pulse and abdominal diagnoses are done and the patterns identified, there will be hands-on practice of this. The lecturer will then explain about how very delicate needling (0.12mm needles inserted 0.5-3mm with NO DEQI sensations) is applied for tonification. There will then be a practice session of needling and watching how the body responds to the needling. Next, the lecturer will focus on the selection of which of the primary patterns to treat for each patient and how to treat them with the fine needling techniques. There will be a practice session of this, including dealing with point location and assessing treatment effects. In the last part of the workshop, the lecturer will demonstrate the step-by-step approach and explain about Toyohari, an advanced form of Meridian Therapy, which can be learned in a complete 20-day program of study.

This 6-hour workshop will be assisted by one or more Israeli colleagues who studied Toyohari so as to ensure maximal feedback in the practice sessions.

Following the workshop participants will have experienced the palpation methods used to select the primary pattern of diagnosis, will have started to practice the basic needling techniques and learned how to observe changes as a result of the needling techniques, will have practiced looking for and treating the primary pattern, will have started to appreciate the profound nature of the acupoints through touch and feedback, and will have had an introductory overview of a systematic treatment approach for root treatment and where to study the system in more depth in a systematic and complete program of training.

Learning objectives

Through lecture, demonstration and hands-on supervised practice participants will learn the basics of how to practice Meridian Therapy root treatment. They will do this by learning how to

- Perform abdominal diagnosis

- Perform pulse diagnosis

- Select the pattern for treatment

- The needling techniques and treatment points for treatment

- How to monitor changes, assess the success of treatment and observe the body’s responses


There will be a general handout available for participants that cover the history, core theories, diagnostic patterns, treatment techniques, and treatments

The following book can also be read for further information:

Denmei Shudo. Introduction to Meridian Therapy. Seattle, Eastland Press, 1990.

This post is also available in: Hebrew

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