The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in IVF

The treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in IVF


This unique seminar will elaborate the western and Chinese approach in treating in vitro fertilization.


  1. The treatment of in vitro fertilization: infertility causes, diagnosis and protocols by prof. Jacob Farhi. Prof. Farhi is a senior physician with the IVF and Infertility Unit at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, at Holon-based Wolfson Medical Centre and heads the fertility service in two women’s health centers of the largest health insurance providers in Israel.
  2. Embriology: introduction to the embryologist work in IVF laboratory by Mrs. Daniella Gilboa, M.Sc . Daniella is a senior embryologist in the IVF unit in Assuta hospital
  3. Integrating Chinese medicine during IVF treatment: the energy of fertility drugs,  the understanding of IVF protocols to reach a better integration
  4. The integrative treatment: supporting folliculogenesis, uterine thickness, the treatment before and after embryo transfer.
  5. The treatment approach to polycystic ovarian syndrome patients during IVF
  6. The treatment approach to Endometriosis patients during IVF
  7. The treatment approach to poor ovarian respond patients in IVF
  8. The treatment approach to male infertility in IVF patients


The seminar will be held  on Thursdays from October 15th to December 24th in Tel Aviv.

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