Kampo Seminar – Composing oriental formulas by Japanese body diagnosis

I am very pleased to announce a new program in Israel Studies Kampo - composing Chinese formulas using Japanese abdominal diagnosis.

The program is the first of its kind in Israel.

Ms. Gretchen de Soriano has many years of experience teaching and practicing Japanese medicine: acupuncture and herbal Kampo medicine.

Ms. Gretchen is one of the pioneers in the Kampo field in the west and had learned in private in "Otsaka" family, prominent masters of Kampo.

An upcoming seminar is the first in a series leading to a diploma of "Kampo Practitioner".

This seminar registration is not a commitment to the whole program!

Kampo is a method for treating with Chinese formulas according to Japan's diagnosis that is based primarily on abdominal diagnosis.

I (Ofir Bloch) will host Ms. Gretchen and will accompany her during the seminar in Israel.

The seminar will be three days long and will address the following topics:

  • On the first day: we will study the  Kampo vocabulary
  • On the second day: we will study the abdominal diagnosis of Kampo
  • On the third day: we will study chronic and acute conditions (by studying formulas)
  • Each part will consist of theoretical part and a practical one

Since this Seminar includes practical study, the number of places is limited!

The seminar is in English and background in Chinese herbs is required.

For more detailes and registration - HERE


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