Science Day – Integrative Oncology in Taiwan (Video Conf. Lecture) Tom Fleischer

Integrative Oncology in Taiwan

(Video Conf. Lecture)

Lecturer:  Tom Fleischer

When: Science Day, Wednesday,  6.4.2016, 15:00-19:00


 Immunomodulation is a key to the management of many cancers, and a field in which Chinese medicine is perceived to possess a great potential. As part of his doctoral studies, Tom Fleischer has been investigating the contribution Chinese herbal medicine might have towards patients of blood malignancies such as leukemia. During his studies, Tom has conducted and published a number of research articles using the Taiwanese National Health Insurance Research Database, inspecting real-world data of leukemia patients who received Chinese herbal medicine. In addition, he is currently undertaking a clinical trial which is examining the benefit of a specific Chinese herbal formulation for the immune reconstitution of acute leukemia patients which have underwent hematopoietic stem cell transplantationdepartment, where he conducts research in the field of Chinese medicine and Oncology. His clinical interests include internal and herbal medicine, and he has been able to study under various doctors during his stay in Taiwan.

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