Pericardium and SanJiao – The Transformation of Shen and Jing Rani Ayal & Dr. Bartosz Chmielnicki M.D

Pericardium and San Jiao – The Transformation of Shen and Jing

Speakers: Rani Ayal & Dr. Bartosz Chmielnicki M.D

When: Post Congress Seminar, Thursday, 7.4.2016, 09:00-16:00

Language: English

Field:  Chinese Medicine, Practice


Life is about the interaction of Shen and Jing, Fire and Water, Heaven and Earth.

Human life begins in the Ming Men, the gate of destiny. Throughout the development of the embryo Shen and Jing reside here together, radiating their influence outwards, creating the physical and meta-physical manifestations of the body.

When the baby is ready to be born there is a parting of the two and Shen rises up, through the Heart, to the Brain.

From this moment onwards Man begins his journey of physical and spiritual development, transforming Jing into Shen, yearning to reconnect the two into the primordial oneness of Dao. This is the quest of Man, the answer back to the Heavens.

The physical manifestation of this process is called Ministerial Fire; the mediator between Fire and Water- Heart and Kidneys. It is revealed through the functions of XinBao - Pericardium and SanJiao - Triple Heater. These functions are something of a mystery, often misunderstood and not well explained in classical or modern texts.

During the research and writing of our upcoming book on the points of acupuncture we have developed a deeper understanding of the Ministerial Fire and would like to share this knowledge with you. Together we will explore the functions of Xin Bao and San Jiao, the pathways and the points.

The seminar will follow the classical tradition of questions and answers between teacher and student and will include many clinical examples and point combinations. Participants are welcome to ask their own questions and share there insights.

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