The Extraordinary Meridians on the Face Lillian Pearl Bridges

The Extraordinary Meridians on the Face

Accessing, Moving and Transferring Jing

Speaker: Lillian Pearl Bridges

When: ICCM Congress #6, 2015

Language: English

Field: Chinese Medicine - Diagnosis - Face Reading - Extraordinary Meridians


The Extraordinary Meridians are special channels that have some with acupuncture points that manifest seemingly miraculous properties. They are meant to be used under dire circumstances and have been used to bring people back to life, back to consciousness, back to sanity and back to neurological homeostasis.

How these meridians are capable of such amazing cures has been somewhat of a mystery.  However, there are clues to be found in the ancient Chinese science of Face Reading. Two of the main Extraordinary Meridians – the Du Channel and the Ren Channel have powerful points on the head and face that access, move and transfer Jing from the underground aquifers of the Sea of Yang and the Sea of Yin and are supported by the terminating points of the other 6 Extraordinary Meridians on the face.

This lecture will give participants a new understanding about the Extraordinary Meridian points on the face and will be given some new ideas about how to use them in clinical practice to treat some of the most difficult diseases and health conditions.

Type: Presentation

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