Treatment of back pain using Dr Tan’s Balance Method

Pain in general and back pain in particular are one of the main reasons for seeking medical attention. More than fifty percent of referrals to a family doctor and about seventy-five percent of referrals to Chinese medicine are due to a complaint about pain. About half of these referrals are due to different back pain. We believe that today no matter what path you will choose to walk in the future of your Chinese medicine career , you should know how

This lecture is the result of many years of treatment and tremendous experience in this field by the founders of the Israeli Tan Center. It is a summary of our work in the orthopedic department of Assaf Harofeh Hospital and in our clinics, working with the Balance Method treating back pain. In the lecture, we will briefly review the principles of the Balance Method. We will make a distinction between the different mechanisms leading to back pain, providing diagnostic emphasis and providing the best of our protocols, including the new developments of the Israeli Tan Center in the treatment of the most common back pain.

We are confident that the treatments you will learn here can be successfully implemented on the very next morning in your clinics and you will see the wonders of the Balance Method on your patients' smiles.

lecture objectives

Improving the ability to diagnose common back ailments and problems

Providing practical tools for treating back problems using the Balance Method

Presentation of the therapeutic approach of the Israeli Tan Center to back problems

Clinical demonstrations and clinical treatment to improve diagnosis and treatment capabilities

Lecture sources

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