Danny van Laethem

Contact Details:

  • Bergstraat 73 A - 9700 Oudenaarde
  • Tel : 055 456120  -  Email: danny.vanlaethem@skynet.be
  • www.vanlaethemdanny.be – www.groepspraktijkoudenaarde. be


Bio: Danny is Physiotherapist and started to study acupuncture in 1983. After many clinical trainings in China, Japan, .., he started to teach acupuncture and Tuina on the Belgian college for TCM, Antwerp, Belgium (1991 – 2009).

Between 2009 and 2014 he teaches acupuncture at the Thomas More College, KUL University, Belgium.

From now, he teaches acupuncture at the Howest, University College West Flanders.

He teaches also many CPD course for the Institute for Complementary Heath Care Training (ICZO) (www.iczo.be). Danny is the secretary general of ICZO, the biggest school in Belgium, with more than 50 teachers in general: 25 teachers for traditional Chinese medicine.

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