Christian Yehoash

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  • Hochfirstweg 22, 79853 Lenzkirch, Germany


Christian Yehoash, Chief Editor of the German TCM journal Qi – Zeitschrift für Chinesische Medizin, translator and editor of articles and books and author of articles about Chinese medicine.

19941997 studies of Western medicine at Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University (Greifswald, Germany); 20002003 Shiatsu training at Berliner Schule für Zen-Shiatsu, (Berlin, Germany); 2002 qualification as Heilpraktiker (practitioner of alternative medicine in Germany); 20022005 training in Chinese medicine and acupuncture at ABZ Ost Shou-Zhong, (Berlin, Germany); 2005/2006 training in Chinese herbal therapy at ABZ Ost Shou-Zhong, (Berlin, Germany); 2016 Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Oriental Medicine (Research and Practice) from Middlesex University, (London, United Kingdom); further education in different topics of Chinese medicine with a special emphasis on terminal care and the process of dying; 2002–2011 own clinic for Chinese medicine in Berlin (Germany); 2011–2017 Congress Chairman of TCM Kongress Rothenburg. Published articles: Shiatsu Treasures for Acupuncturists and Diagnosis of Death Pulses – a personal journey about terminal care.


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