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Sponsored By:

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

SIRF - Sino Israeli Research Foundation


The International Conference of Chinese Medicine (ICCM) is proud to invite you to submit a research proposal in the upcoming ICCM science day, March 2015.

This year, on top of expert lecturers, the science symposium will encourage and recognize young investigators and will hold an award-winning contest for research proposals in the field of Chinese and Integrative medicine.

Based on scientific merit and innovation, an international scientific committee will select a number of young investigators to orally present their abstract at the symposium.  The scientific committee will select an outstanding presentation to be awarded the prize for best research proposal in TCM Integrative medicine in 2015.


Submitted proposals must be:

1) Clinical studies in acupuncture, herbal medicine or manual therapies.

2) Basic science research in acupuncture , herbal medicine or mind-body therapy

3) Epidemiological studies in complementary medicine.

4) Innovative research methods and collaborations.

5) The research must be in pre-clinical  or after protocol write up stage.

6) Proposals for follow-up or continuation of a concluded study will be accepted.



Submission instructions:

1) All proposals will be submitted and presented in English in abstract form.

2) Abstracts for proposals will be up to 250 words (not including title )and should following format:


A. Title

B. Authors and affiliation

C. Background

D. Research rational and aim.

E. Methods

F.  Conclusions

E. Impact


The scientific committee will recognize research proposals with potential impact in the field of Chinese and/or Integrative medicine. Research feasibility will also be considered.

All proposals must be submitted by January 15,  2015
Please send abstracts to [email protected]


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