All Disease Comes from the Heart The Forgotten Role of the Emotions in Chinese Medicine

השכרה חינם! לשנה בהזנת קוד קופון: Emotions


מרצה: היינר פרוהוף

מתי: הרצאה שניתנה במסגרת קונגרס ה-ICCM הראשון, 2008

שפה: אנגלית

תחום: פילוסופיה -


This presentation attempts to fill an obvious gap in the study of Chinese medicine education by presenting a systematic analysis of the role of the five, six, and seven emotions in the history and foundational knowledge of clinical medicine. Prof. Fruehauf will analyze the symbolism of relevant pictograms to reveal a layer of deeply complex information associated with the topic of the emotions. As an example for the clinical application of emotional therapy, he will present the healing system utilized by the Confucian healer Wang Fengyi (1864-1937).

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